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Getting started

Welcome to the Power DCloud documentation!

This is one of the most crucial parts of this website. The documentation portal needs to be a shared brainchild of the core team and the community. We highly appreciate any contribution from you as a part of the dev community. Such commits will be rewarded by tokens from the dedicated fund.

Our Mission

To make web3 completely decentralized and community-driven. To do this we aim to develop decentralized infrastructure so web3 developers would build full-stack real web3 apps (with no centralized parts ever).

The Problem we solve

99% of all so-called dApps are not really decentralized. You can find either centralized parts in almost every decentralized application or it’s utilizing centralized services for decentralized stuff.

Right now hundreds of developers are struggling with placing different parts of the dapp in various services. Wasting a lot of time and money, they end up with apps that are expensive to develop, with a lot of problems in terms of high vulnerability, scalability, centralized parts, and unpredictable economics. Right now a lot of developers depend on centralized service providers.

The solution

This problem can and will be successfully solved by developing a new class of web3 infrastructure - DeInfra.

DeInfra (decentralized infrastructure) enables the deployment of ALL parts of the full-fledged web3 app in a single decentralized space.

This is the next stage in the natural evolution of the Web3 world. It's time to stop competing on the number of transactions per second, block finalization time, or transaction cost. While these metrics are important, they are useless as long as you use centralized services to host the frontend, store user data, or access the blockchain.

The Product

Power DCloud is the world’s first DeInfra, which completely beats the problem of inability to build really decentralized dApps without centralized parts or the necessity to use centralized services.

Based on blockchain platform DCloud combines a universal set of services: multi virtual machines, decentralized storage, sophisticated tokenomisc, nodes and chains, with Power Hub as one-stop entry for developers, users, node providers and projects.

About us

Core team

We are a team of developers, enthusiasts of blockchain technology and the ideology of decentralization and cryptocurrencies, as one of its first steps. We established Power Ecosystem to develop our main product Power DCloud and to build the ecosystem of web3 products, businesses based on it.

Product and DAO

One of the crucial stages of DCloud's development is the establishing of DAO that will govern it, own and be in charge of future development.

One of the key elements of the go-to-market strategy is the involvement of strong community of developers, network maintainers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and development of transparent and scalable tools to help them govern and manage DCloud and to bring them all equal opportunities to contribute and to evolve web3.

How to become an active member of the community?

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Where to start learning?

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How to run a node from source code

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How to set up EVM (coming soon)



White Paper

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