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How to Deploy Files to a Decentralized Storage (DStorage)

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Power Storage is a revolutionary decentralized storage platform that offers you a fast, secure, and reliable way to store and distribute your data.


Make sure you have npm installed on your machine.

Deploy the files

Follow the steps below to deploy files to a decentralized storage:

  1. Install the @thepowereco/cli package globally using npm:

    npm install -g @thepowereco/cli
  2. Register an account with tpe:

    tpe register
  3. Select the devnet option and make a note of the provided information, as it will be needed later. Here is the example:

    ✔ Please, select the network: · devnet
    Loading... done
    Network: devnet
    Chain number: 1
    Account address: AA100000001677740890
    Account seed phrase: peanut shadow approve put grain outdoor hand program angry tiger cry diary
    Account wif: L2NzLJEtduehhwxT7cidd13tNDmsnZn9neoYa9wRg9W89gDcdeVu
    To replenish the balance of your account please visit:
  4. Go to the Faucet.

  5. Select the chain 1 option:


  6. Copy the provided address into the information from step 3.

  7. Click Send tokens:


  8. Navigate to the folder one level above the folder you want to upload. For example, if you want to upload the /home/app folder, navigate to the /home folder.

  9. Run the following command:

    tpe upload 

    and specify the folder you want to upload, for example ./app.

  10. Enter the address and wif from step 3. The files will be uploaded.

  11. After the files are uploaded, the location where they will be stored will be indicated.


To deploy a basic create-react-app template, modify the paths so that they start from the root domain.

For example, replace all instances of ="/ with ="./.

Result will be like this: