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Power SDK

The Power SDK is the SDK for developing decentralized applications of the Power DCloud platform.


  1. Power SDK interacts with the blockchain without intermediaries and without the need to run a node:

    • developer doesn't need to write a backend API for user-blockchain interactions.
    • user directly connects to the blockchain via the developer-connected SDK, which works directly as a part of a dApp.
  2. Power SDK directly receives data from the contract storage and sends transactions to EVM smart contract in Frontend at any JS/TS dApp (web- or mobile-based, could be hosted in DStorage).

SDK Modules

The Power SDK contains the following modules:

  • address;
  • crypto;
  • EVM API;
  • network;
  • SC Interface;
  • payments;
  • SC Loader;
  • transactions;
  • wallet.


Intallation is described here.