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Power SDK installation


You have two options to install The Power SDK:

  1. Using NPM.
  2. From Code.

Install The Power SDK using npm

To install The Power SDK using npm, run the following command:

npm install @thepowereco/tssdk

Install The Power SDK from code


This option is recommended only for experienced users, who understand how to build complex projects in node.js.

Follow the steps below to install The Power SDK from code:

  1. Download the project using the link.

  2. Find the tssdk directory under the following path:

  3. Copy tssdk directory into your project directory.

  4. Go to tssdk directory using the terminal:

    cd your_project_directory/tssdk
  5. To install SDK, run:

    npm install
  6. To build SDK, run:

    npm build

Connect SDK to your project code

To connect SDK to your project code you need to specify the path to tssdk/tssdk/dist/index.js.

For example, for your_project/index.js file, you need to add the following into the file header:

import {* } from './tssdk/dist/index.js';