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Scalable architecture

The project architecture has been developed primarily to solve the trilemma (horizontal scaling while maintaining security and decentralization). However, during the architecture design the great attention has been focused on following issues common for modern blockchain platforms:

  1. Latency. Latency is the time of system response to the client on an irreversible record of the transaction in the system. Unfortunately, in most cases latency increments due to nodes amount growth in the system because of network outgoings. Herewith the increase of nodes is important for blockchain systems since it leads to increment of the budget for an attack to the system and works towards greater fault tolerance. Thus, most systems have to keep the balance between latency and decentralization. In an ideal system, latency might be constant or decrease.

  2. Privacy. Organizations and users of distributed public registers face the problem of data surveillance. In most cases, it takes just to identify the wallet owner to get the whole story of his transactions. The blockchain is a large database which may affect private life and commercial activities in the long term, working with big data. But the companies need to keep trade secrets and trust data from other participants in the commercial chains.

  3. Expensive transaction. The commercial services need an opportunity to predict and model transaction costs. The blockchain developers do not care about an economical efficiency of the developed systems compared to the centralized solutions with no compromise. Blockchain platforms tokens are volatile in the markets, but the speculation affects all the system users and exposes additional financial risks to the company.

  4. Versatility. Classic blockchain technologies are not intended for global use without any limitations. Specialized platforms are too specific, so they can not present a market standard and compete for users in their respective segments. For the decade of blockchain technology development, nobody has developed universal approaches as it was with HTTP and TCP/IP development by making the Internet available for everyone.