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Power_blockchain is a distributed ledger platform for high-speed processing of interactions within a decentralized single address space. In contrast to many classic platforms, Power_blockchain is a platform for general purpose interactions where processing is not limited to such applications as value transferring [1] or smart contracts [2]. Power_blockchain attains high-speed processing by means of horizontal scaling of internal distribution of interactions processing solutions to dedicated blockchain subsystems – shards. Shards process transactions in parallel. According to trilemma [3], scalable projects usually have security or decentralisation problems, and consequently are considered to be private (permissioned) platforms, for example Hyperledger, Fabric and BigchainDB. However, Power_blockchain platform is developed to utilize all conditions in the trilemma. The basis of Power_blockchain is a three-layer architecture which allows it to be a public platform while also solving the scaling problem:

  • Management layer is responsible for decentralization.
  • Sharding layer solves the scalability problem.
  • Validators layer provides a high degree of security.

Because of the use of multidimensional (multilayer) blockchain management system own algorithm of consensus Resonance has been developed. It’s utilized within shards (Sharding layer), while enabling nodes to interact in frame of two other layers.