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Register an account

  1. Ensure you are in dcloud_example directory.

  2. Start up register.js in terminal using the following command to register an account:

    node register.js

    Code example and comments:

    import { NetworkApi, WalletApi } from '@thepowereco/tssdk';
    import {writeFileSync} from 'fs';

    //register in chain number 1033
    let acc = await WalletApi.registerCertainChain(1033);
    console.log('register data',acc);

    //save account data to file
    const networkApi = new NetworkApi(1033);
    const walletApi = new WalletApi(networkApi);

    let password='111';
    let hint='three one';
    const exportedData = walletApi.getExportData(acc.wif, acc.address, password, hint);
    writeFileSync('example.pem', exportedData);

    The information about the registered account will be displayed in the terminal (console), and the file example.pem will appear in the dcloud_example directory:

    dcloud_example % node index.js
    register data {
    chain: 1033,
    wif: 'KywHx4qhG49JEms15jmgXDGMq7xKkmhQSpiZihWi5bbvL8QvjyUD',
    address: 'AA100001733086414002',
    seed: 'resource butter table ivory try churn banner toilet depart camera peace decide'

You can find your actual account address in address field. You will need it in the next tasks.

Now you can work with transactions and smart contracts.