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Deploy EVM smart contract

EVM smart contract deployment also requires tokens. Moreover, you have to pay more expensive commission for such kind of action.

To deploy an EVM smart contract:

  1. Ensure you are in dcloud_example directory.

  2. Start deploySc.js from the terminal using the following command:

    node deploySc.js

Code examples and comments:

import { NetworkApi, WalletApi, TransactionsApi } from '@thepowereco/tssdk';
import {readFileSync} from 'fs';
//load account data from file
const importNetworkApi = new NetworkApi(1025);
const importWalletApi = new WalletApi(importNetworkApi);
let password='111';
const importedData = readFileSync("example.pem");
const importedWallet = await importWalletApi.parseExportData(importedData.toString(), password);
console.log('import data',importedWallet);

//load balance for account
const letNetworkApi = new NetworkApi(1025);
await letNetworkApi.bootstrap();
let subChain = await letNetworkApi.getAddressChain(importedWallet.address);
const networkApi = new NetworkApi(subChain.chain);
await networkApi.bootstrap();
const walletApi = new WalletApi(networkApi);
const accountData= await walletApi.loadBalance(importedWallet.address);

//deploy smart-contract
const code = readFileSync("greeter_sol_Greeter.bin");
let deployTX= TransactionsApi.composeDeployTX(importedWallet.address,code.toString(),[],'',0,importedWallet.wif,"evm",networkApi.feeSettings,networkApi.gasSettings);
let resDeploy=await networkApi.sendPreparedTX(deployTX);

As a result you will see a contract deployment transaction:

node deploySc.js       
import data {
address: 'AA100001733086416001',
wif: 'L12trJ1suQMKCEWfTC6Ng5pn8mRwjaTBuwTN2K1M9tEF4y39sY9t'
accountData {
amount: { SK: 15 },
lastblk: 'C277BE883DC6E934E8EEDFACCF6D04EFCAD4EFFC4954BC12C137069C7B99D937',
preblk: 'D28DDE54D920F67D430E2EAA0B90A94077907AD6EBC6F5ED3219C61E57949182',
pubkey: '034589D99AF47F882DE1C53B53C9A53F1C53F2D7B1E0DA28F07C6D9D50DC7C9BA5'
txId: '3VWtEEYrVKRDbZQNE-c1033.debobus',
res: 'ok',
block: 'E1833D1BB436257C88CC9083214B2CA58AE841F8DA627BAD14227D0FE60A1A04'


The contract must be deployed on an address, specified by the first parameter of the composeDeployTX function. In the case described in these docs, the contract is now at the following address: