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Calling EVM smart contract function locally

You can call EVM smart contract function locally to get the data from contract. To do this:

  1. Ensure you are in dcloud_example directory.

  2. Start callScTx.js by running the following command:

    node callScTx.js

    Code example and comments:

    import { NetworkApi, WalletApi, EvmCore, EvmContract } from '@thepowereco/tssdk';
    import {readFileSync} from 'fs';
    import greeterAbi from './greeter_sol_Greeter.json' assert { type: "json" };

    //load account data from file
    const importNetworkApi = new NetworkApi(1025);
    const importWalletApi = new WalletApi(importNetworkApi);
    let password='111';
    const importedData = readFileSync("example.pem");
    const importedWallet = await importWalletApi.parseExportData(importedData.toString(), password);
    console.log('import data',importedWallet);

    //load balance for account
    const letNetworkApi = new NetworkApi(1025);
    await letNetworkApi.bootstrap();
    let subChain = await letNetworkApi.getAddressChain(importedWallet.address);
    const networkApi = new NetworkApi(subChain.chain);
    await networkApi.bootstrap();
    const walletApi = new WalletApi(networkApi);
    const accountData= await walletApi.loadBalance(importedWallet.address);

    //call function from smart-contract locale
    const EVM = await;
    const storageSc = await,importedWallet.address, greeterAbi);
    const greetMessage = await storageSc.scGet(

    //call function from smart-contract in blockchain
    const resSet = await storageSc.scSet(
    ['New hello!'],

The command outputs the following:

   % node callScTx.js
(node:54656) ExperimentalWarning: Importing JSON modules is an experimental feature and might change at any time
(Use `node --trace-warnings ...` to show where the warning was created)
import data {
address: 'AA100001733086416001',
wif: 'L12trJ1suQMKCEWfTC6Ng5pn8mRwjaTBuwTN2K1M9tEF4y39sY9t'
accountData {
amount: { SK: 14.496452344 },
code: 1660,
contract: [ 'evm', 'EVM' ],
lastblk: 'E1833D1BB436257C88CC9083214B2CA58AE841F8DA627BAD14227D0FE60A1A04',
preblk: 'C277BE883DC6E934E8EEDFACCF6D04EFCAD4EFFC4954BC12C137069C7B99D937',
pubkey: '034589D99AF47F882DE1C53B53C9A53F1C53F2D7B1E0DA28F07C6D9D50DC7C9BA5',
seq: 1679510688481,
state: 1,
t: 1679510688480,
usk: 1,
view: [],
vm: 'evm'
Hello World!
Transaction result: {
txId: '3VWtHVYbnN2VNk9xw-c1033.debobus',
res: 'ok',
block: '9944ACCC4CF3B451457D8EB3CD62A58CF60C7C4940686F91883CF4506ACDA6E1'
txId: '3VWtHVYbnN2VNk9xw-c1033.debobus',
res: 'ok',
block: '9944ACCC4CF3B451457D8EB3CD62A58CF60C7C4940686F91883CF4506ACDA6E1'