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Power SDK Quick Start Guide

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Here is a JavaScript implementation of The Power API. The API description can be found here.

Quick start

To start using the JavaScript implementation of The Power API:

  1. Install the @thepowereco/tssdk package:
npm i @thepowereco/tssdk

This package now contains the necessary libraries for The Power API.

You can import the necessary libraries directly from the package. For example, if you need the address library or the transaction library, you can import them as follows:

import { AddressLib, TransactionsLib } from '@thepowereco/tssdk';

What's next?

  1. Visit our Hello World apps section to learn how to work with our

  2. Go get information about The Power libraries to dive into the development here.

For more detailed information about the API and its usage, please refer to the API refference documentation.