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Deploy contracts to the blockchain

1. Create account for contracts

Go to On link “Account” click “Create new account” and follow instruction to create account. You must select “104 chain” in one of the steps.

2.Receive some tokens

Go to the “Dapps” section and press “Power wallet” and copy account address AAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. In the section “Dapps” press “Power_faucet” and in the field “Address” paste account address from wallet and click “Send tokens”. receiving tokens takes upto 20 second. After that you may go to the wallet and found tokens on account

3. Deploy

Go to “Smart contracts” section and press “Deploy”. Confirm action and once again press “Deploy” and choose smart contract’s file sc_vote_simple.lz4 in you filesystem. To proceed you need to enter a security password. After that the transaction will be signed and sent to the blockchain. In few seconds you will see a notification that the transaction has been processed.