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Sending a transaction to another account

To send a transaction within the system you need to:

  1. Pay commission. That is why, you need to have sufficient amount of tokens to send the transaction. The code console.log('accountData',accountData) from the example in the code snippet above outputs the account data. The amount field will also display the tokens assigned to the account.

  2. Add the following code to the code example specified in paragraph 2 of the section above:

    //send 10 tokens to another account
    let to='AA100001733086413603';
    let amount=10;
    let comment='test';
    let res= await walletApi.makeNewTx (importedWallet.wif,importedWallet.address,to,'SK',amount,comment,new Date().getTime());

    The account address

    let to='AA100001733086413603';

    is an example address. Please, replace it with your actual destination address.

Check out the next document to learn how to work with the transactions.